Flores Bajawa, NTT Indonesia

Far away at the eastern part of Indonesian archipelago, at the foot of the Inerie Volcano in Flores Bajawa, was the starting point of Aurelia Da'Gabo's successful journey as Coffee Producer.

Aurelia Da'Gabo Flores Farm follows a strategy and management that put Quality, Consistency and Traceability in the focus of everything. It was the start, now it serve as standard to all our other Farms in Indonesia.

Discover FLORES Bajawa

Stronger than before

Aurelia Da’Gabo was a former Farmer Association founded in Flores Bajawa and has been transformed to a successful Farm, Production and Export Company "PT. Aurelia Da'Gabo Bewa". 

Aurelia Da'Gabo contains several Farmer Groups for different product groups:

  • Kelompok Petani Aurelia Da'Gabo - Vanilla
  • Kelompok Petani Aurelia Da'Gabo - Coffee
  • Kelompok Petani Aurelia Da'Gabo - Cocoa
  • Kelompok Petani Aurelia Da'Gabo - VCO

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PT. Aurelia Da'Gabo Bewa

Aurelia Da’Gabo has developed an agriculture network with a strong agricultural management and implements high Quality Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in all their Farms to produce the best and outstanding agricultural products.

The Concept of Aurelia Da'Gabo is always „Quality“ over „Quantity“ and proudly produce the best Products of Indonesia, significantly improve the Quality of Indonesian products … for now and in the future.

Our goal: 

Return Indonesian Vanilla to be the best in the world with a competitive price and make Indonesia as the 1st World Biggest Vanilla Producer and Exporter.

TEAM "DA'GABO"​ Vanilla

Jeanny Dwidjo

Owner & Board of Commissioners

As Owner and Board of Commisioners, Jeanny Supervises the whole operations of Aurelia Da'Gabo and provides clear path and strategy to be realized.  


Co-Owner & Managing Director

Our Sister Mio represents Aurelia Da'Gabo as Managing Director. She is a young and dynamic person who embodies the social Angegement of Aurelia Da'Gabo and leads the production and farms. 

Matthias Dwidjo

Organic Farm & Production Expert 

As graduated Engineer with long time experiences in Quality Management, Process and Validation in the Medical Device Sector and Industry, he is as well an expert in Organic Farming.